Events Schedule

Day 1
5:00 PM 
 •  Judging Seminar
7:00 PM 
 •  2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Degree Adult Black Belt Competition
   (All black belt men and women ages 18 and up)
 •  1st Degree Men & Women
   (Ages 60 and up)
   All Adult Men & Women X-Treme and Creative
   (Ages 18 and up - All Ranks White through Black)
Day 2
9:00 AM 
 •  ATA Tigers Competition
 •  All Youth X-Treme & Creative
   (Ages 17 and Under)
10:15 AM 
 •  Black Belt Meeting / Staging Begins
11:00 AM 
 •  Tournament Begins

Sioux City Tournament

Combat Weapons Information

Attention All Judges and Competitors!
All Black Belts judging at the Sioux City Regional Tournament will need to be informed on Combat Weapon Sparring.  If you are a Judge or Competitor, please view the following video in it's entirety: